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You like playing bingo? Want to know more about this game? Welcome to BingoBlues.com. This site was built to offer you useful and fun informations about bingo and online bingo.

Bingo first began in Italy in 1530, than in 1778 France became interested in that game too.
They played the game with a deck of cards.In the 1800's Educational Lotto games became popular.In 1929 a salesman from New York first saw the game at a carnival, which it was called then BEANO, because players were placing beans on their cards.When he returned home he introduced it to his friends who became devoted fans of the game. Because one of his friends became so excited when she won she stuttered ...B-B-Bingo instead of Beano and so from here the name BINGO was born.

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Today, online Bingo has become a very popular form of gambling, maybe because it is so fun or easy to play. Three years ago there were only 10 online bingo halls to play at. One year later the market grew to 15 online bingo halls, and by 2003 that number risen to over fifty online bingo halls, and more bingo sites coming online everyday.

For suggestions or comments about this site bigo lovers may e-mail me at webmaster@BingoBlues.com.

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